Automated Content Promotion

Linkbuildr is a FREE WordPress Plugin that automatically sends recently published content to relevant influencers for promotion.

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Scans your post for links

When you click publish on a new blog post, Linkbuildr scans your post and identifies all of the website’s your article links to.


Identifies contacts and information

Linkbuildr then check’s your site’s database of contacts to identify any new websites that are not already stored with email addresses. For new sites it displays a pop-up window for each and suggests a name and email for your to save, edit, or skip.


Push button email outreach

With the simple click of the publish button, Linkbuildr sends an email to each contact it found (and you’ve approved) for hands free content promotion. For more impact you can add custom email templates and set them at the domain level for maximum customization.

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Why use the linkbuildr Plugin?

Intuitive outreach

Email outreach has a 45% higher positive response rate when it’s personalized to the recipient – linkbuildr was built with this in mind.

  • Merge fields pull a number of personalized items
  • Add a quick link to share the post on social media
  • Customize each pitch based on your content

Quickly scan for contacts

Automagically create new relationships by pinging each domain you’re linking to.

  • Manage a database full of contacts from all the blog posts you write over time.
  • Build relationships with industry influencers.
  • Add a quick link to share the post on social media

Automatic emails

A simple notification lets you start an automated email sequence

  • Track history of contacts through the message log.
  • Know who opened your emails and clicked on your post links.
  • Add a quick link to share the post on social media.

Try linkbuildr for free


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