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From The Future.

Nick Eubanks

Shar Scott

Ryan Stewart

Open Position

Content Strategist


David Martin

Rumored to actually be a brain in a jar connected to the internet; codenamed Unicorn: David is obsessed with the Web. So much so, he refused to stop at learning how to design and decided to build up his skills as a full-stack web developer. Now he leverages his experience building and launching digital products to lead the UX effort at FTF.

Khris Marcial

Resource page links, guest post links, and sausage links- These are Khris’ three favorite types of links, only slightly above Linkin Park, Link, and cufflinks. When Khris isn’t making outreach funnels more efficient or managing campaigns, he’s admiring the Philly views because they’re pretty damn good.

Constante Quirino

Constante is a writer, content strategist, and Dorito enthusiast. He enjoys using the Oxford comma and striving for brevity in written content.

Derrick Dieso

Maybe there’s more to life than making websites really, really, really ridiculously good looking? Not for Derrick, who loves utilizing data-driven designs to create powerful websites at FTF.

Paige Pentland

I design to support my cats’ lavish lifestyle. Whether it is designing websites and brands at FTF, or illustration and printmaking at home. Sometimes I’ll mow lawns, these cats are out of control.

Ryan Cunningham

Ana Thomas

Kevin Cook

Brittany Benjamin

Maria Silva

Cesar Cobo

Caroline Tesone

Jessica Rutkowski

You know when you think about buying a new pair of sneakers and then, like magic, you see hundreds of ads for sneakers on Instagram? That’s the sort of thing Jessie does at FTF. Just kidding, she can’t read your mind, but she has been running effective remarketing campaigns on social for a long time and knows how to get the right people to convert. Jessie enjoys the challenge of using social media to solve real business problems almost as much as she enjoys working in a dog-friendly office. Almost.

Jeff Gibbard

Online, Jeff is known as the world’s most handsome social media strategist and a lovable leader. When he’s not solving business problems using a combination of strong coffee and social media, or obsessing over company culture, he is rumored to be protecting the streets of Philadelphia as a masked web-slinging vigilante.

David Abrams

David lends a hand to operations at FTF, solving operations issues such as, “Help! I’m trapped in a basement and forced to write bios for small business sites,” and anything else he can do to help within finance or accounts receivable. On weekends please tell his wife that he loves her, he’s in a basement on 13th and Rockland, and playing with his Scotty named Chewy.

Matt DiMenno

Jim Viola

Jim’s main responsibility at From The Future is ensuring that we are exceeding our client’s expectations with visual communication. This involves full website redesigns, creating high-conversion landing pages, and occasionally delivering compelling brand identity packages.

In addition to managing and developing the FTF visual identity, Jim also leads visual design and strategy for a variety of clients and company-owned brands.

Matt Schickling

Matt has a writer’s heart and an analytical mind. He blends backgrounds in journalism and storytelling with deep knowledge of what it takes to dethrone brands living at the top of your most valued SERPs – content that’s both wildly compelling and tailor-made for SEO.

Tom English

Tom likes hot dogs.

Kyle Morley

Kyle approaches digital marketing with the calm temerity of a lion and the doggedness of a cocker spaniel. He isn’t sure if that last sentence makes sense, but he is sure that he loves digital marketing and that he’s glad he’s doing it at FTF. He will gleefully tell you why your website sucks.

Leigh McKenzie

Vincent Stout

Developed by IBM as a follow-up project to Watson, project V.I.N. aka “Vinnie”,  became self-aware around the age 6 and has been upgrading his software ever since. In search of a purpose for existence, he joined FTF in order to spread superior code across the web while overseeing fellow code life-bringers. His installed recreational apps include table tennis and bowling. Vinnie has remained undefeated among the human staff in both to this day.

TR Dougherty

TR is a recovering public accountant overseeing operations and finances From The Future. Whether he is behind his monitors crunching numbers or walking around the office, you will find him with his dog Lucy. Just mention the 76ers in TR’s presence to get a feel for just how much of a basketball fan he is!



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