How To Do Keyword Research for Conversions

There’s a tendency to focus on keyword volume as the main metric when doing keyword research. This generally results in a spike in traffic, but not sales.

When it comes to finding keywords, intent is king. Understanding keyword intent lets us build qualified traffic that results in more conversions.

In this presentation, we’ll cover the tactics we use to find keywords with high purchase intent.

  • What is search intent?
  • How keyword intent impacts SEO
  • Deep dive into keyword modifiers
  • How to find high converting keywords

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Nick Eubanks
Nick Eubanks

Nick is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of From The Future. When he's not elbow deep in data, he's spending time with his wife, his dogs, or his cars.



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  • Helpful Presentation!
    I always try to find out best LTK(Long Tail Keyword) for my blog.
    LTK has several benefits than other keywords. Low Competition, High Conversion Rate, Low Bounce Rate and etc.
    looking forward for the next amazing presentation.

  • Avatar Prasadhak says:

    Impressive Video.
    your strategy is helpful.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Avatar Daniel W says:

    Wow check out this nifty keyword generating tool. I like it Nick

  • Avatar RSoft says:

    The way you presented are great, I Found your article very interesting I learned lot from your content So kind of you to provide us a knowledge of these important things really heplful, Thank you for sharing this vital information and tactics with us.

  • Avatar Zee Ali says:

    Awesome presentation! Fav: **You want low traffic with high intent. This is the unicorn.** **”Revenue is vanity. Profit is sanity.” **




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