Don't be intimidated by the challenge of Local SEO - we're here to help. IFTF Local offers the complete array of services that can increase your business' online visibility.

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Citation Building

The process of citation creation is a tedious one, but reaps massive rewards for a business, especially in a local market. The key to an effective citation building campaign is to understand all of the core concepts of the process, and then employing the right strategy to maximize the efforts and gain visibility.

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Profile Construction

On Google, Bing, and Yahoo!
We implement structured profiles that build the credibility of local businesses, whether you're in a niche field or a highly competitive market. With stronger profiles, your online presence is able to last longer and gain more visibility. We can offer this guarantee since we tailor each local SEO plan for its specific industry.

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Directory Development

With thorough directory development campaign, your small business will have the edge over your competitors and stand out on the result pages. The stronger your presence in web directories, the greater your online visibility and number of leads your business will bring in the door.

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Social Optimization

It is easy to get lost trying to navigate the channels and pathways that enable all content to find its way onto search engines. Through a concentrated and advanced focus on the four main players in the local search ecosystem, we provide the proper information to the top web directories so that they will then funnel your business’ information to the search engines, ensuring that your site is highly recognizable.

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Citation Maintenance

When you have citations from strong, local websites, your site will reap the benefits and be ranked higher in search results. Unfortunately, the work does not end with just creating citations, but instead requires vigilant maintenance to ensure all citations are relevant at all times. As the search engines consistently update their algorithms, any citations that your site may contain are subject to becoming outdated.

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Monthly Visibility Reporting

It is often hard to translate the benefits of a local campaign to a business owner as the results tend to be hard to decipher and translate into common business practices. That's why we focus on providing monthly visibility reporting to open up a line of communication showing the key metrics we measure and correlating them to your business so your progress is track and understand.

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