I’m From The Future Acquires True Voice Media

Matt Schickling
January 10 0 COMMENTS

Our agency just got bigger.

We’re happy to announce that I’m From The Future has acquired True Voice Media as part of a focused effort to expand our end-to-end services as we continue to grow. TVM is a Philadelphia-based agency that specializes in strategy for social media, content, and influencer marketing.

Jeff Gibbard’s first act as a member of the IFTF team was to strike this ridiculous pose.


“An integrated social media strategy is no longer optional for growth-focused brands. In order to continue to offer the best solutions for growing traffic and conversions online, I knew we needed to find a partner. After working with TVM for over a year, I can say with great confidence that they are among the best at leveraging social media marketing to support strategic business objectives. I’m beyond excited to partner with Jeff and his team to offer a more complete suite of services to our clients.”

Nick Eubanks, IFTF Founder & CEO

“When I met Nick, it was like a lightning bolt. I saw someone as competitive and obsessed as I am. When True Voice Media and IFTF merged, I feel like we just put every other digital agency on notice… we’re coming for your clients.”

Jeff Gibbard, True Voice Media Founder & Chief Strategist

This acquisition will allow IFTF to implement these services into what we already do, which, generally, is improving technical SEO strategy, design, user experience, conversion rate and content on brand and business websites.

It also sets the pace for I’m From The Future as the fastest-growing digital agency in Philadelphia.

You’ll be hearing from us again soon.

Matt Schickling

Matt is the Senior Content Strategist at I'm From The Future. He blends backgrounds in digital content, journalism, and storytelling to create content that is both compelling and tailor-made for SEO.






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