• A leading Cannabis Ecommerce store that sells decarboxylation machines, allowing medicinal marijuana patients to create their own edibles from home.
  • FTF was engaged to help design and execute a campaign to create mass reach, outside of just the medicinal marijuana community.
  • Their goal for the engagement was simple – put a decarboxylation machine in the home of every cannabis user.

FTF are true marketing professionals - they stepped in on day one and put together a cohesive marketing strategy that had touch points across all channels, online and offline. Our team was able to work with them to execute and scale the plan seamlessly.


  • We dug deep into their data and found a large majority of the customers (78%) were male. We needed a website and online experience that catered to that demographic. A full website redesign was needed, both from a user experience and branding point.
  • At the time of the initial engagement, the Client was only selling 1 product. Their 3 year plan was to scale up their offerings, but their tech stack didn’t support that vision. We needed to re-platform their website and overhaul their marketing stack to align them with their strategy.
  • Since the topic of “decarboxylation” is confusing and convoluted, their team had put together dozens of articles on the topic. Our research showed these pages were cannibalizing each other’s keyword rankings. We needed to build a proper “pillar” and “cluster” model for content topics and consolidate similar pages into singular topic authorities.
  • Our research showed a large number of cannabis influencers on Instagram who were charging significantly less. With paid traffic blacklisted on a number of platforms, influencers were a needed promotional platform.


  • UX – Decarboxylation is a difficult concept to grasp, even for long time cannabis users. We built custom iconography and video to educate “top funnel” visitors, and custom graphics and imagery to push product benefits to “mid” and “bottom funnel” visitors.
  • Visual design – A complete overhaul from their previous strategy, we needed a visual design style that would appeal to the mass market. We created visual design styles and branding guidelines to make sure the brand was connecting with the new audiences.
  • Content strategy – Removal of redundant content and a cross channel content strategy to create targeted, high traffic resource content.
  • Influencer outreach – We found, contacted and negotiated over 100 influencer placements on Instagram, YouTube and influential cannabis blogs.
  • PR / link reclamation – The brand received solid press before our engagement, but a large number of the articles went live with NO links back to the brand’s website. We launched a massive outreach campaign to past placements asking for a link placement.
  • Funnel building – To meet the aggressive revenue goals set forth to our team, we needed to get paid traffic dialed in. We built a series of funnels using Instagram and Facebook Ads to acquire new leads and nurture them into customers via email and messenger bots.



Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic conversions


Increase in keyword visibility