My Professional Life:

My career has been an amazing agency role coaster that I plan to stay on for a long time. I’ve cut my teeth on many aspects of agency life including design, project management, digital media/marketing operations and brand strategy.

While some may see those roles as being drastically different, I find that the common thread is organization, building relationships and creative  problem-solving.

It’s my goal to always brings those to the table in whatever I do.

My Personal Life:

If you ask a few of our teammates I’m “Always Schemin’. Always Dreamin.” meaning that I get great joy in taking complex problems and figuring out simple solutions.

But when I’m not doing that, I can be found cooking or baking way too much food, road trippin with my hubby, reading all of the books, writing all the things, networking at too many places, being a Philly sports fan, sketching + illustrating, being way too picky about whiskey, coffee, and cocktails, and playing fetch with my rescue pup. I could also probably be considered a part-time gym, video game, and anime enthusiast.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I turned down a scholarship in Physics to a prestigious university
  • Somewhere in the deep corners of the internet are photos from my time as a pre-instagram model
  • I can’t whistle
  • My wedding was randomly featured in the Fall 2019 relaunch of Philadelphia Weddings