My Professional Life:

Baja blast in a champagne flute describes me as a person.
I can pretty much do everything.
Jack of all trades master of none. My life has been filled with odd jobs until finding my home with the SEO Team at FTF.

My Personal Life:

I enjoy wasting all of my money as fast as humanly possible. My favorite ways to accomplish this goal are buying camera equipment/film, eating out constantly, buying records, eBay fighting with people for old smelly punk shirts and buying books that I won’t read for years. Once I have spent all of my money, then I enjoy camping, hiking, hanging with my puppy, going to museums, and riding bicycles with my much better half Marlene as much as possible.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I really like Amtrak trains. I’ve taken them cross country multiple times, and once up and down the east coast.