My Professional Life:

Prior to working at From the Future, I received most of my working and leadership experience by leading teams in the food and non profit industries. While in college, I was a Kitchen Manager and had the responsibility of training team members, maintaining inventory, as well as upholding food standards. In my time in the non profit space, I mainly led a team of young leaders to host multiple conferences for cultural organizations along the east coast.

My Personal Life:

I enjoy singing, dancing, and performing. I enjoy learning new hobbies and creating new projects. Theatrical hobbies aside, most of my side projects revolve around each other. I’m currently learning development practices in order to create a website catered to providing resources for learning development and marketing practices.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I taught myself how to cut men’s hair in high school and now operate a small side business cutting hair.
  • I occasionally teach breakdancing