My Professional Life:

Originally, my educational background and career began in textiles as a corporate fashion buyer and product developer until I changed industries. As an individual who has always been obsessed with digital design, process’, client relationships, and problem-solving – I dove head first into Digital Product and Project Management and haven’t looked back.

Through my innate ability to work in analytics; incorporating facts, data, and organization – while also understanding creative language – has allowed me to work with a myriad of brands, agencies, organizations, and institutions for the past 8 years of my professional career.

My Personal Life:

I curate creative community events, write short stories, go to art shows, garden, bake, and explore divey food joints in new cities that I travel to.

I’m also an admitted gym rat and hot yoga enthusiast.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I’ve driven cross country twice and plan on making a third trip that involves converting a sprinter van into a camper unit and traveling north through Canada
  • I have a deaf, epileptic cat named Stinky (full name: Hey Stinky!) who I found on the streets of East LA
  • Kevin Bacon once begrudgingly gave me a high five
  • When I’m not being a Client Strategist as From the Future, I can be found producing and curating art and experiential marketing events